GSHP pipe
GSHP pipe
GSHP pipe
GSHP pipe

GSHP pipe

The Introduction of GSHP System
Ground source heat pump system provides a creative and high-hygienic way of obtaining warm for people all over the world. It makes full use of renewable energy which is stored underground, thus achieving a high efficient way of delivering heat. The GSHP system is suitable for a wide variety of constructions, and particularly appropriate for low environmental projects.

How does it work?
Radiation from the sun provides heats for the earth. The earth then stores and maintains the heats just a meter or so underground, which keeps the temperature to range from 8 to12℃even throughout the winter. Thanks to the GSHP system, we can now tap into this constantly replenished heat source and then use them to warm buildings and even to provide hot water. The theory applied here is the same as that in a refrigerator. Just as a fridge absorbs heat from the food and pumps it into the kitchen, a ground source heat pump absorbs heat from the earth and then pumps it into a building

The advantages of Polygon GSHP:
1. High efficiency and energy saving: it’s operating cost is only 40%-60% of that of traditional central air-conditioning.
2. Safe and reliable: the underground heat exchange system adopts HDPE pipes, the life span of which is up to 50 years.
3. Investment saving: investment in initial period is high, but the operating cost is very low and the investment payback time is very short.
4. pollution-free: no coal and oil pollution without boiler plant; no underground water pollution.
5. Wide range of application: the GSHP system can create refrigeration and also create heat. It can be used in the place as long as electricity can be reached.

The advantages of Polygon pipes
1.The special material of high-quality PE pipes.
  The high-quality raw materials are all imported, which guarantees the high quality of the GSHP system.
2.The production line imported from Switzerland
Adopting the top NOKIA—MAILLEFER production line of Switzerland.
3.Good heat-conducting property
The heat conductivity coefficient is 0.41%w/mk, 10% higher than normal products.  
4.Good heat-conducting property
Under the condition of room temperature, the pipes cannot dissolved in most organic matters.
5.Strong impact resistance under low temperature.
The good impact resistance can avoid Pipe embrittlement during winter construction.
6.Good crack growth resistance
The test value of crack growth resistance is more than 300 hours, 80% higher than the standard.
7.Professional System Components
The professional system of matched pipes and fittings can customize different GSHP water segregator according to customs’ requirement.
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8.Safe connection
Adopt hot melt connection, flange connection and electrical fusion connection, which is safe and reliable.
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