PEX Pipe
PEX Pipe
PEX Pipe
PEX Pipe

PEX Pipe

With a ten-year history, POLYGON PE-Xb pipe completely conforms to the requirements of GB/18992.2. The production line equips with world-class production equipment NOKIA-MAILLEFER production line, adopts advanced patented technology (USP4117195), one-step method monsil organosilane crosslinked polyethylene.

POYGON is the leader in fields of production techniques and quality control among peer companies, and is the first to pass the tests of 8760 hours thermos ability and 5000 hours hot and cold water cycling. Hence, a 50-year using life is guaranteed. Also POLYGON pipes enjoy stable crosslinking degree, evenly distributed crosslinking points, elastic memory function, excellent heat preservation and anti-freezing function, and high-temperature resistance, which make the whole pipe system safer and more effective.
Advantages of POLYGON products
1.Importing NOKIA-MAILLEFER equipment and international patented technology (USP4117195): monosil one-step silane;
2.Applying crosslinked polyethylene production technology and techniques; smooth inside wall, low resistance and no scaling;
3.Stable product quality and crosslinking, and evenly distributed crosslinking points;
4.Adopting imported high quality material, conforming to GB/T18992.2 standard;
5.Using steaming crosslinking techniques,  a low longitudinal reversion
6.Supplying products according to customers’ needs with fast production speed;
7.Outdoor UV resistant PE-Xb pipes with impervious layer are also available;
8.Using PE-Xb exclusive material and thus ensure the best property;
9.Fast production speed, 20 meters pipe (dn20mm) per minute and supplying products according to customers’ needs;
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