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PPR Copper Pipe

PPR Copper Pipe
PPR Copper Pipe
PPR Copper Pipe
PPR Copper Pipe

PPR Copper Pipe

PP-R Copper Pipe
PP-R copper pipe starts the new era of potable water pipe field, because it not only has both advantages of copper pipe and PP-R pipe, but also prevents both disadvantages of PP-R pipe’s thermal expansion and copper pipe’s easy leakage, fast heat conduction and high cost. It is mainly used to touch with water directly and is made of TP2 pure copper with copper content higher than 99.99%.

Application Fields:
PP-R copper pipe is wildly used in cold and hot water systems in buildings and public facilities, industrial pipe systems for upscale houses.

The PP-R copper pipe inhibits the growth of bacterium effectively and therefore benefits our health;
2.Sound insulation
The pipe insulates sound and has a low noise of fluids;
With low thermal conductivity, it is able to preserve heat efficiently;
4.Durable usage
With its resistance to pressure, corrosion and high temperature, the pipe durable in use for no less than 50 years.
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