Modular Air Conditioning Station

Modular Air Conditioning Station
Modular Air Conditioning Station
Modular Air Conditioning Station
Modular Air Conditioning Station

Modular Air Conditioning Station

What Is Modular Air Conditioning Station
Modular Air Conditioning Room, also called Hydronic Module, is applied to hydronic distribution system with energy-adjusting function. It fits between outer unit, heat pump and indoor fan coils. It integrates pumps, valves, fittings, filtering cleaner, measurements units, heat dissipation units, other matched components and control system.
1. Integrated system and space-saving
With highly integrated system of various operation and control equipment, compact design makes it possible for single pump energy-saving air conditioning room to cover an area of only 0.48 square meter.

2. Easy, fast and safe installation
Thanks to the integrated features, ELIVAL Modular Air Conditioning Room can be installed very easily and fast, reducing installation time, labor cost, and the leakage risk. 

3. High quality with professional design
Well-chosen core parts are designed professionally, and through strict testing and debugging, and quality guaranteed.
4. Convenient management and simple maintenance
All sorts of parts and equipment are integrated in a closed room avoiding loss and damage of equipment, prolonging service life, reducing maintenance and overall costs.

5. Intelligent control and energy security
Spreading communication between system and all devices, real-time monitoring operation improves stable running of whole system, and over 30% energy saved than traditional unit.
1. Applied in 200-1000 M2 air source heat pump water system.
2. Applied in air-conditioning, heating, domestic hot water system.
3. Single cycle system with single cooling and heating unit, which consists of air cooling cool water unit, heat exchange unit, boiler, integrated solar energy unit.
4. One in operation and another for backup, two in operation and the other one for backup systems, which are used in air conditioning, heating and hot water system.
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