Project in China

There are more than 1 million families and 10,000 projects using POLYGON pipe. From bidding to supplying goods, POLYGON always gives you best service with professional guidance. Our technical team is always behind you if any problems happened in the construction.
  • Shanghai IFC
  • Qixia Local Taxation Bureau
  • Luneng Taoran Water Bank
  • Fuli’ City of Xi’an
  • Quanzhou Honor Hotel
  • Quanzhou Oriental Kenzo
  • Jinjiang New Century Park Apt
  • Shanghai European classic Apt
  • Shanghai Eastern Minneapolis
  • Nanjing Langshi International Apt
  • Dalian Anda SAN Island
  • Dalian Wanda Estate
  • Wuhan Eye Acanthe
  • Zibo Century Garden
  • Dorms of Zibo people's procuratorate
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