Technical Team

We have established Production-Teaching-Research relationship with four prestigious universities, which is the innovation source of our products.

The members of our technical team are all with more than 10-year experience of plastic pipes. Our technical team not only develops new products but also new molds and adjusts new equipment. Our company is also the participant of related national standards.

  • During the period of 2000 to 2002, Mr. Yao took part in many draft work of the plastic pipe standard, and became one of the principal framers of PEX national standard GB/T18992 and PE-RT national standard GB/T28799.<br/>

The production lines of one-step Monosil PEX and high speed PE-RT which Mr. Yao supports to develop have reached the foreign advanced level. The production technology of oxygen barrier PEX and PE-RT pipes has reached the leading position at home and abroad.<br/>

In 2007 win the Technology Innovation Awards of Shanghai Construction industry Cement Cup and the honor title of National building materials industry system.
Name: Yao Shuiliang
    Position: Vice President & Engineer
  • Mr. Qiu had participated in establishing many national standards:<br/>
Polypropylene Piping Systems for Hot and Cold Water Installation GB/T18742-2002<br/>
Thermoplastic Pipe for Fluid Transportation: Testing Methods for Charpy Impact GB/T 18743-2002<br/>
Testing Methods for Combination System of Pipes and Fittings GB/T 19993-2005<br/>
Engineering Technical Code of Water Supply Polypropylene Pipeline for Buildings GB/T 50349-2005 <br/>
Shanghai local standard of Engineering Technical Code of Polypropylene Pipeline for Air-conditioning DBJ/CT 513-2003<br/>
He also attended meetings of establishing and revising product standards and method standards of PE, PE-RT, PEX-AL-PEX, PB, PVC and other plastic pipes.
Name: Qiu Qiang
    Position: Vice President & Engineer
    Career: On pipe manufacturing and management for 13 years

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